Kat Heil: A Fourth Quarter Worth Mentioning

The first eBook in the Adventures with Ray fiction series follows Meghan.

How bad can life really get?  In the first quarter of the year, Meghan loses her boyfriend, her beloved aunt and her job.  Money is so tight she has to eat with the only parent she knows, the one she doesn’t get along with.

Things did not get better as the year progressed.  Her new job paid her only half her previous salary.  A dental bill left a huge cavity in her savings.  Her clothes were stolen from the laundromat – including underwear.

Now Meghan is about to have an accidental encounter.  Or is it?  In this first title in the Adventures with Ray series, join Meghan as she meets some interesting people.  There is Jenny, who has a brain injury, but still teaches people to chair dance.  Co-worker Dave seems like a playboy - but is he?  Bartender Ray wears hula girl shirts and cherry red tennis shoes.

What other characters will Meghan run into?  Can Ray and Jenny’s stories help Meghan see life differently?

Find out in A 4th Quarter Worth Mentioning!


Publish Date
eBook format February 28, 2014
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