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Say What You Mean: Because You’ll Have What You Say

The first eBook in the Recipes for Life series deals with how our words and beliefs affect our lives.


Love Never Fails If We Never Give Up

The second eBook in the Recipes for Life series is based on a true story on how persistent love can melt the coldest, most bitter and hateful heart into one that is warm, caring, and willing to love again.


5 Things Women Do In Relationships That Drive Men Crazy

The third eBook in the Recipes for Life series deals with male/female relationships.  See how you can overcome some of the things that hinder your relationship!


Defeat Divorce in Your Marriage

The fourth eBook in the Recipes for Life Series deals with saving your marriage.



Menopause: What Your Mama Didn't Tell You

The fifth eBook in the Recipes for Life Series deals with menopause.


A Fourth Quarter Worth Mentioning

The first eBook in the Adventures with Ray fiction series follows Meghan.



Senior Value

As the sixth eBook in the Reeicpes of Life series, Senior Discount Value reminds Senior Citizens of their value, prompting each person to remember what he or she has learned and attained over the years, and the value therein.


  • SWYM revised Cover

    Book 1:

    Say What You Mean: Because You'll Have What You Say

    The first book in the series deals with how our words and beliefs affect our lives.

    Words are your life’s story and it matters greatly what you say.  What you say is Vital to your well being.  Not only do the people around you hear what you say, but YOU HEAR what you say as well.  Your words are the direction for all aspects of your life, be it physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social or financial.

    Your ears take in every word you speak.  And every word you speak goes out to accomplish its intended purpose.  YOU were made that way.

    Your words, thoughts, beliefs, behavior, and visualizations are interconnected.  You can’t put your FOCUS in one direction and live your life in a completely different direction.

    Achieving your dreams and goals can be entirely possible for YOU if you will align your words, thoughts, and beliefs in the same direction.  Your behavior is a direct result of what you believe and perceive.  Your mind will visualize the image you give it.  You have control over what you say, what you believe and what you expect in life.  If you expect success, your mind can picture it. Ask any Gold Medal athlete.

    You can change the way you’ve been talking, but first you have to know what you have been saying.  If you’ve been speaking defeat and failure over your life for the past twenty years, it will take some time and practice before that will turn itself around, but the good news is that wrong words and thoughts can be turned into right words and thoughts.

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