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Say What You Mean: Because You’ll Have What You Say

The first eBook in the Recipes for Life series deals with how our words and beliefs affect our lives.


Love Never Fails If We Never Give Up

The second eBook in the Recipes for Life series is based on a true story on how persistent love can melt the coldest, most bitter and hateful heart into one that is warm, caring, and willing to love again.


5 Things Women Do In Relationships That Drive Men Crazy

The third eBook in the Recipes for Life series deals with male/female relationships.  See how you can overcome some of the things that hinder your relationship!


Defeat Divorce in Your Marriage

The fourth eBook in the Recipes for Life Series deals with saving your marriage.



Menopause: What Your Mama Didn't Tell You

The fifth eBook in the Recipes for Life Series deals with menopause.


A Fourth Quarter Worth Mentioning

The first eBook in the Adventures with Ray fiction series follows Meghan.



Senior Value

As the sixth eBook in the Reeicpes of Life series, Senior Discount Value reminds Senior Citizens of their value, prompting each person to remember what he or she has learned and attained over the years, and the value therein.


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  • 5 Things Cover

    Book 3:

    5 Things Women do in Relationships that Drive Men Crazy

    The third book in the series deals with male/female relationships.

    The relationship between a man and a woman ignites almost every human emotion known to man.  At times our association with the opposite sex can be discouraging, disheartening and frustrating.  At other times the female to male bond is cooperative, supportive, and satisfying.  The issues that burn in a woman’s soul may not resonate with a man at all.  What is of major concern to her may be of little or no concern to him.  When she is angry, he gets confused.  When he is silent, she doesn’t understand.

    As we consider the differences between females and males we also view how “she” responds to what “he” says and does.  A wife has one driving need that is different from the one driving need of her husband.  In this book we discover how to get those needs met.  We find out that how a woman responds to her man will directly affect how he treats her.

    In this book we will discuss in detail five things that women do that drive men crazy.  We’ll start by looking at the facts in each situation.  Then we’ll look at the positive and negative responses in each case.  We’ll role play both the reasonable and impractical responses in each circumstance.  We’ll deal with taking responsibility for past and present feelings.  Finally we will look at how to put our best foot forward by appreciating who we are and what makes us unique and special in our own way.  Each chapter provides excerpts from real life stories of women like you and me, showing us how to become more confident and successful in our relationships with men.

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