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Featured Book:

  • Defeat Divorce Cover

    Book 4:

    Defeat Divorce in Your Marriage

    The fourth book in the series deals with saving your marriage.

    This is the true story of what happens all too often to millions of people like you and me in marriages around the world.  This is the story about what a person does at the depths of despair that brings a relationship to a screeching and bitter end – or a glorious continuity.  What are you willing to do for your marriage?  How far are you willing to go to save your marriage?

    This book is for every man or woman involved in a marriage and those who are considering marriage.  Whether your marriage seems perfect, painful or somewhere in between, divorce is not the only recourse for you and your spouse.  When divorce threatens your marriage, even if the legal papers have been filed and served upon you, there is still hope!

    You don't have to sit back feeling helpless or ashamed while your marriage goes up in flames.  You do not have to let divorce get the upper hand in your marriage.  You have weapons at your disposal to defeat divorce in your marriage.

    Discover what those weapons are.  Find out how to use them to achieve victory in your relationship now!

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