Kat Heil Fiction

Adventures with Ray

Follow Ray’s interactions with friends and people he meets. What will happen next in the small town of Timley? Who will stop by? How long will we see them? You will come to love Ray and the people who come into his life in this series!


Fourth Quarter Cover

A Fourth Quarter Worth Mentioning

Book one in the Adventures with Ray series follows Meghan.

     How bad can life really get? In the first quarter of the year, Meghan loses her boyfriend, her beloved aunt and her job. Money is so tight she has to eat with the only parent she knows, the one she doesn’t get along with.

     Things did not get better as the year progressed. Her new job paid her only half her previous salary. A dental bill left a huge cavity in her savings. Her clothes were stolen from the laundromat – including underwear.

     Now Meghan is about to have an accidental encounter. Or is it? In this first title in the Adventures with Ray series, join Meghan as she meets some interesting people. There is Jenny, who has a brain injury, but still teaches people to chair dance. Co-worker Dave seems like a playboy - but is he? Bartender Ray wears hula girl shirts and cherry red tennis shoes.

     What other characters will Meghan run into? Can Ray and Jenny’s stories help Meghan see life differently?

     Find out in A 4th Quarter Worth Mentioning!

Recipes for Life

Practical help with everyday issues

This series explores questions that many people have. 
What should I do?
What should I say?
What should I NOT say?
How can I make things right again?
Should I start over?  When do I start over?
Should I change something in my life?  What should I change?
How do I know when I should leave things as they are?  Will things just naturally work out for me?
We discuss issues like these in our books.   We care about our readers and want to share experiences that we feel will be helpful for them.  The writing is from the heart and meant to share experiences with you.  Our goal is to share things we have learned the hard way, so you have an opportunity to learn from our experiences.  We share tips and techniques that may be just what you – or someone you love – would like to hear.
Our goal is to pass wisdom and insightful information on to you for your benefit and blessing.



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  • SWYM revised Cover

    Book 1:

    Say What You Mean: Because You'll Have What You Say

    The first book in the series deals with how our words and beliefs affect our lives.

    Words are your life’s story and it matters greatly what you say.  What you say is Vital to your well being.  Not only do the people around you hear what you say, but YOU HEAR what you say as well.  Your words are the direction for all aspects of your life, be it physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social or financial.

    Your ears take in every word you speak.  And every word you speak goes out to accomplish its intended purpose.  YOU were made that way.

    Your words, thoughts, beliefs, behavior, and visualizations are interconnected.  You can’t put your FOCUS in one direction and live your life in a completely different direction.

    Achieving your dreams and goals can be entirely possible for YOU if you will align your words, thoughts, and beliefs in the same direction.  Your behavior is a direct result of what you believe and perceive.  Your mind will visualize the image you give it.  You have control over what you say, what you believe and what you expect in life.  If you expect success, your mind can picture it. Ask any Gold Medal athlete.

    You can change the way you’ve been talking, but first you have to know what you have been saying.  If you’ve been speaking defeat and failure over your life for the past twenty years, it will take some time and practice before that will turn itself around, but the good news is that wrong words and thoughts can be turned into right words and thoughts.

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