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Be the hero in your family. Be the One your family looks up to by creating opportunities for togetherness. Learn “How to Hero“ in this week’s  "Your Keto Journey"© post!

It doesn’t matter how many times you say “things are gonna change around here! “ if nothing ever changes.


What really matters are the changes that you implement today. 


Changes For What?

Better health. 

Better fitness.


How to come up with changes?

More imagination. 

More togetherness and your family. 

Doing more things together. 

Spending quality time together. 

Teaching your kids skills that they will carry on into their own lives and family as they grow and go. 


I wouldn’t presume to tell you how to run your life. But I will be bold enough to want to bless you with some ideas worth considering.

So here goes!

1. Involving other members of the family when cooking or making meals is a great time for sharing and caring. Taking the time to relate a story about your day and then giving them a platform to do the same creates a special bond you may not immediately realize. (This applies to both children and spouse).

Doing this also allows you some extra time as each member of the cooking party takes on individual responsibilities. Think: I don’t have to do everything myself!

Remember: try not to “correct“ your family member’s methods or way of doing things - unless he/she asks for help.

This is not about YOU.



Try to do all of the knife work yourself. There are usually plenty of other activities to be done in meal making.


Make it fun. Play music. Put on special aprons or create makeshift aprons using old work shirts or larger dish towels.

Understand that mistakes happen. Keep things light and fun.

No threats, sarcasm or disciplinary actions while cooking. This creates a negative association and family members may steer clear of cooking with you.

2. Be willing to try new recipes. Try to always follow the new recipe exactly as written the first time you make it. Then, at the dinner table, everyone can give his/her opinions of how the dish tastes and offer possible changes that could be made to the dish next time without being criticized.


Let’s spices be your friend. 

Be bold and willing to try new things.

Don’t get set in your ways.

Be creative.

Have fun.

Make it an event your spouse and kids will want to participate in.

Families that cook together often maintain a sweet closeness to each other.

3. If time is tight - start by making salad dressings from recipes you each have found. So many bottled salad dressings are toxic to your body.  Read labels.  Avoid bottled dressings from the grocery aisle as much as possible.  What good is it to eat a healthy salad with salad dressing that creates toxic results in your body?

Have each person come to the kitchen armed with a homemade recipe he or she found.

Choose a different recipe each week to make.

Gradually “make“ more time to cook with your family. Soon and very soon your kids will be graduating high school and creating lives of their own.

It is good to include your spouse in as many of these activities as possible. If you are always with your kids and rarely with your spouse - there is a danger that the two of you will gradually grow apart and distant from one another. You don’t want to have to meet/court your spouse all over again after the children leave the nest.

When the children leave the nest it is time for spouses to enjoy each other in ways that you couldn't when the kids were young.  You don't want to have to start all over again by meeting & courting your spouse.

Fly off and have fun together. Don't be just getting reacquainted after years of neglect.

The time you spend and the opportunities for togetherness you create will help you be the “Hero” in your family.

Time is precious.

Don’t waste time.


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 Good Day, Good Week and Good Health to you all!

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