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Not message, but Monosodium Glutamate. “Msg.” is used as an abbreviation for message. But MSG is also a common ingredient in many foods that has many hidden side effects.  Learn more in today’s "Your Keto Journey"© post.

What is MSG?

A food additive used to improve food taste.


Is MSG bad for you?

In my personal opinion, yes!

In his book, Dr. Colbert’s Keto Zone Diet”, Doctor Colbert says that MSG blocks your body’s message to your brain that says you are full now. Translation: When you don’t get that message, you eat more. Eating more than you need may cause leptin resistance.


What is leptin resistance?

A quick google search told me that leptin is a hormone produced by our body’s fat cells. This hormone tells our brain that we have enough fat stored so we don’t need to eat more as we can burn calories at a normal rate.


Other functions of this hormone are relative to fertility, immunity and brain functions as well as others. Relating to fat cells, this hormone’s main responsibility is energy balance. In other words, how many calories we eat, spend and store. So this hormone keeps us from over-eating or starving.


As we continue to eat, especially when our bodies do not require it, we can become leptin resistant. Your brain doesn’t get the message your body sent.


 Other effects of MSG.

As well as being a trigger for leptin resistance, MSG increases our insulin levels. When this happens, your pancreas gets involved by making more insulin. Then your blood sugar drops and you have the “feeling or knowing” that you need to eat.


Dr. Colbert says MSG can triple the amount of insulin released by the pancreas.



So, what foods have MSG?

Too many! It seems like MSG is almost everywhere you look. Snacks, chips, crackers, salty foods, soups, frozen and pre-packaged meals, processed foods, deli meats, meats, gravies, fast food and Asian foods.


I had a favorite Asian restaurant before we moved. I could always call them, order my lunch, and ask them to prepare it without MSG. There were certain menu items they could prepare without MSG. They were wonderful people!


When thyroid issues began to attack my body, I completely dropped all MSG from my diet. I read labels. I didn’t care how long it took me at the grocery store to read labels. It was that important to me! After a while, I got to know which foods to stay away from and which were okay.

After much testing and trying this-and-that, I am no longer bothered by thyroid issues!


How can I identify MSG?

I also learned that MSG is sneaky. It is hidden in other names such as the ones that Dr. Colbert mentions in his book.


Here are those hidden names I was taking about: 

Other potential side effects. 

 Another quick Google search produced information that said MSG can cause some unpleasant consequences including:


MSG also:

‘functions as a neurotransmitter in the brain leading to excessive stimulation of nerve cells”

 is “generally recognized as safe by the FDA”


Have you heard enough? I have. Which is why I avoid this ingredient as much as possible.


If you choose to eliminate MSG from your diet as I have, here are some things you can do:

1. Read your food, snack and packaged food labels with care.

2. Do not automatically reach for a handful of snacks-in-a-bowl when at social gatherings.

 3. As much as possible, make your own soups, snacks and meals from scratch. Remember, that you can prepare a large batch and portion it out in meal-size batches and freeze for later use.

 4. Make no-MSG a habit and soon you won’t even miss those “foods” anymore. I tell you this from experience!!!


 You and your family's good health is more important than quick meals.  Be aware of the ingredients in the foods you choose!


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