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Your Keto Journey - TEAM WORK: Life and Health is about assembling Your Team

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If you follow most any type of sports, you quickly see that no one person is solely responsible for his or her own success.  You need a team to work together in cooperation with you to accomplish Your Goal!!!  Learn more in today’s Your Keto Journey© post.


Many sports consist of a TEAM of players.  Oh sure, one person may get top billing by the media for a brief period of time.  But, notice how this happens only for a brief period of time.  Why?  Because the next “Big” thing or person is right around the corner.  So, in the media, you see one name mentioned until the next Big Name grabs the spot light.


My point is this:  A TEAM is just what the term implies.  More than one.  Several.  A Group.


The purpose of any group is to work together toward a certain or specific goal.


Even track stars, skaters and Olympic athletes – although they may perform singularly – are comprised of a TEAM.  There will usually be at least one coach involved in this person’s success.  Then there are what I like to call the Supporters.


An athlete’s Supporters may consist of Family, Friends, Fans, other professionals, and medical professionals. 


What’s the point of this?


Even those individuals who appear  to be performing solo, are not really alone.  They have a TEAM of men, women and children Supporting them!  Never underestimate your Fans.  Nearly everyone knows the joy of being a fan.  Fans that consistently show strong Support are an integral part of a person’s success.  Fans are also an important part of YOUR TEAM!


So, how does TEAM or TEAM WORK apply to your Keto Diet?


Quite simply, you need to put together a TEAM of your own if You are to Succeed.  You need Someone to cheer you on as you eat healthy, lose excess belly fat and get into great shape!  There will be times when you need Someone to back you up.  Someone telling you that you are doing a good job.  Someone that will keep you energized, motivated and inspired to continue in your journey.



Glad you asked!

Your TEAM members in Your Keto Zone will include:


  1. Good Mental Attitude
  2. Good Physical Behavior
  3. Good Emotional Support
  4. Good Social Support
  5. Good Spiritual Support
  6. Good Recreation Time


You may find additional TEAM members to add as you go along.  That’s just fine.  I want you to understand that in order to become Successful, you need the Right TEAM members.


1. Good Mental Attitude:

It is imperative to keep the Right mental attitude.  Quit calling yourself nasty names.  No more rude talk about your size, how much you weigh, or bad-mouthing any body part.  JUST STOP IT!


2. Good Physical Behavior:

You must get physical.  I’m not saying you have to climb mountains.  If you want to, that’s great, go ahead and climb.  But in plain speak, your body needs exercise of some type.  The two types that I have in mind are aerobic and resistance training or weights training.


Aerobic training will improve your body’s cardiovascular system in absorption and transporting oxygen.  At a minimum Walk.  Resistance training or weights training will provide strength and endurance.  Even if you have weaknesses in certain areas of your body, you can find something to do that will not cause pain, and will strengthen you.  You don’t need fancy equipment or clothing to do this.  You can start by lifting a can of soup in each hand if you have to.


3. Good Emotional Support:

Don’t let yourself fall apart when people or obstacles challenge you.  Equally important is to not beat yourself up for imperfections or slower results.  Each person is unique in their own way of what they can do and how they perform.  At a minimum, JOIN US and find Encouragement, Inspiration and lots of Love at


www.Your Keto Journey.com.


4. Good Social Support:

Don’t shut yourself off from the rest of the world just because you are doing what it takes to get healthy, stay healthy and lose excess pounds.  In the beginning of your Keto Journey you may find that you must stay out of restaurants for a brief period of time, until you learn how to order your meal correctly without blowing up your eating plan.  Find restaurants that will allow you to order smaller portions, sides of just what you want, or allow modest substitutions.  Then go out and enjoy yourself with friends and family.


Secondly, do not allow people to brow beat you into cheating or taking a cheat day on your eating plan.  If you are truly on a mission to eat well and lose excess belly fat, DON’T CAVE OR CATER to well-meaning friends or family who tease or tempt you to do things that will not bring your desired results.  They will still love you in spite of your dogged determination.


Third, DON’T ALLOW ANYONE to cause you to feel like a freak because YOU CHOOSE to stay healthy.  Remember – no person can make you feel bad.  It is you, who allows yourself to feel bad, based on what a person says to you.  So, DON’T ALLOW IT.


5. Good Spiritual Support:

God did not give you a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.  2 Timothy 1:7.

Furthermore, Philippians 4:13 says that you Can do all things through Christ Who strengthens you!

So don’t let anyone frighten you or tell you that you’ll never stick to a successful eating plan!!!


6. Good Recreation Time:

Make it a strong emphasis in your life to get proper refreshment and rejuvenation of mind, body, and spirit.  This will cause your other TEAM members (listed in steps 1-5) to come alive and truly work together as a TEAM for You!  Your Fans will cheer you on to VICTORY.  When this happens, not if, but WHEN this happens, you will:


  1. Refuse to give up your own power and determination.
  2. Share joyfully in the successes of Others.
  3. Know and See that what you are doing is WORTH THE EFFORT.
  4. Drop old bad habits that have been causing you problems.
  5. Establish new good habits that will enable you to SUCCEED.


Always See and be Thankful for good results.  No matter what size they are.  One of my own sayings of Encouragement to Self is this:   


If you loved this blog post, get the next one by getting your name on the Your Keto Journey Blog list.  Don't miss out on Encouragement, Love and good information.  Also, get your free Keto Pizza crust recipe.

Visit www.KatHeil.com and check out the “Resources” page.  There you will find a link to “Dr. Colbert’s Keto Zone Diet” book.  I highly suggest you read it.  If nothing else, borrow the book from your local public library.  If they don’t have it, ask them to get a copy that you may borrow.

Share your experiences, good or bad, with your Keto family here at www.YourKetoJourney.com.  Scroll down and leave your comment.

Share this blog with someone you love and care about.  I’m here for you!

Good Day, Good Week and Good Health to you all!

See you next time!


© 2019 Kat Heil 2019 Kat Heil, LLC

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