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Your Keto Journey – Keto for Young Adults

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Have you ever gone to the grocery store feeling carefree?  What happened?  Did you spend more than you ever thought you would?  Learn more in today’s post.


Maybe, when you were a teenager or in your twenties, you moved out of Mom and Dad’s place.  Free at last and on your own!  You had a job, you got paid and you jumped into the car or got a ride with a roommate and went grocery shopping.

You couldn’t help yourself.  Everything looked so tantalizing.  You were on your own, so you could get whatever your heart desired.  As you strolled up and down the aisles, there were goodies everywhere.  In your mind’s eye, you saw yourself making all sorts of good meals that you would enjoy eating.  No one was around to tell you what to buy, so you went wild and got a cartload of junk food, thinking you had it made!

Have you ever opened the fridge door to drink right from the milk carton because you could?  Ever popped the top off the red and white can of whipped cream, tilted the nozzle right toward your mouth and sprayed deliciousness until you finally had to swallow it?  Being a KID is fun, but being a kid does not last a lifetime.  Sooner or later, you must grow up.

Sometimes aging causes people to grow up.  Other times RESPONSIBILITY comes along in the form of higher education with your money going towards tuition and books.  Or marriage and children pop into your picture and other people are depending upon you to act rationally in terms of sound thinking and decision making ability.

Well…your Keto Journey is very similar to growing up, becoming mature, and acting responsible.  By the time that you reach your 30s or 40s, your body has spent the last decade or two growing accustomed to the cakes, cookies, ice cream, candy bars, and sodas that you have been feeding it.  Not to mention the deep fried foods and burgers piled so high, you can't possibly get your mouth around it!  Sooner or later your body begins to sprawl and bulge.  You gain weight.  You tip the scales of obesity.  It happened slowly over time and maybe you ignored it.  Or you tried to cover it up with selective clothing.  But the day finally came when you had to accept what had happened to your body.  So now you must do something about it.

Sometimes sickness in the body causes people to begin eating healthier.  Other times it is the DOCTOR telling you that you have symptoms of Type 2 diabetes, dementia, high blood pressure, heart disease or Alzheimer’s disease that causes you to change the way that you eat.  The cost of medical treatment far exceeds the cost buying organic, fresh, non-processed foods and grass-fed-and-finished meats.

Eating Keto style is a choice.  Keto is a choice that you can make to lose weight (especially belly fat) and get healthy again.  If followed properly, the Keto Diet has been known to repair, correct and even eradicate symptoms, sickness and diseases in the human body.

However, Keto eating is a different way of life.  How so?  You might ask.  Well for starters, you have more than likely been feeding your body a lot of junk for years, even decades.  Maybe you have been cooking with the wrong oils – See my blog post number 16 – “Know Your OILS – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.  Perhaps you have gorged on sugars or foods that break down into sugars in your body – See my blog post number 15 – SUGAR – What to keep in mind to stay healthy.

Serious Keto eating will change the way you look at foods, food labels, and even menus.  Especially if you eat out at restaurants.  Your friends, family, and co-workers may not have embraced eating Keto style.  If that is the case, you must resolve to stay strong and eat healthy without seeming prudish – See my blog post number 14 – Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle is a Test!

It is also easy to get down on yourself or begin feeling as if eating a Keto Diet has cramped your style.  Sure, you can just give up.  Many people do.  But if you go back to eating junk – foods that are killing your body – you will grow larger, get heavier, and your body will become sicker.  Your medical bills will increase and you will feel lousy both physically and mentally.  SO DON’T QUIT!           

Before you grocery shop, do this:


Whether your family includes a spouse, children, or just you…it is important to stay on top of your meal plan each week.  Pick a day and time each week that you will create a meal plan of menus for the week.

Keep in mind that you want to consume 70% healthy fats, 15% healthy proteins and 15% green veggies.  From Your Keto Journey #16 blog post, you were reminded of your biology class – Body Cell Composition – a reminder that the fat structure of the cells in your body are:

            *55% monounsaturated fats

            *27% saturated fats

            *18% polyunsaturated fats

So you want to consume healthy oils in this proportion in your meals.

Here’s a structure that will help get you started.

  1. On Sunday each week, in the afternoon, plan your meals for the week.
  2. Make an INGREDIENT LIST of the ingredients you will need for each day’s meals.
  3. Check to see what you already have available on hand and cross these items off your INGREDIENT LIST.
  4. Inventory your oils. The ones you will cook with and the oils used to dress your salads or other food plates.
  5. The remaining items on your INGREDIENT LIST will become your grocery list for the week’s shopping. This will keep you focused while at the store.
  6. Don’t stroll down the aisles that contain processed foods, sugary foods, and items that you find hard to resist. It is easier if you do not set your eyes on these items.  YOU KNOW WHICH ITEMS I AM TALKING ABOUT.  STAY OUT OF THESE AISLES.
  7. Next Sunday, repeat steps 1-6.


  1. Keep your meals fun and fresh. For example, we like pizza.  We modified a cauliflower pizza recipe to suit our taste buds.  Now, each week we enjoy a “Pizza Night”.
  1. There are lots of low carb recipes that you can try. Just remember to prepare them exactly as the recipe calls for, the first time you make them.  This makes it easier to modify the recipe to meet your family’s distinct tastes.

Try this menu planning structure and let me know how it worked for you.  If you have any ideas that work especially well, please scroll down and share them with your Keto Family.  If you need Encouragement in a certain area, let me know, as I may be able to help!

If you loved this blog post, get the next one by getting your name on the Your Keto Journey Blog list.  Don't miss out on Encouragement, Love and good information.  Also, get your free Keto Pizza crust recipe.

Visit www.KatHeil.com and check out the “Resources” page.  There you will find a link to “Dr. Colbert’s Keto Zone Diet” book.  I highly suggest you read it.  If nothing else, borrow the book from your local public library.  If they don’t have it, ask them to get a copy that you may borrow.

Share your experiences, good or bad, with your Keto family here at www.YourKetoJourney.com.  Scroll down and leave your comment.

Share this blog with someone you love and care about.  I’m here for you!

Good Day, Good Week and Good Health to you all!

See you next time!


© 2019 Kat Heil 2019 Kat Heil, LLC

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Who is Jesus to You - Don’t Throw People Away! Par...

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    Many people have addictions.  Some addictions are easily seen and noticed by others.  Other addictions are hidden for years, if not decades, and are not seen or noticed by others until the person with the addiction admits two things.

     First that an addiction exists.  And second, that it is nearly impossible to kill an addiction without the loving help of other people who are willing to do whatever it takes to help the addict bury the addiction and live without it.

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     Many times a young person makes choices based on fear.  Fear of the unknown.  Fear of the known.  Fear of what you think you know.  Medical professionals trained in this area of study understand that fear is irrational.  A perceived danger or threat.  Frightening facts or evidence that appear real.

     A person’s response to fear varies.  One of these response variations is an addiction.  An addiction as described by a young person, untrained in the fields of medicine, psychology or psychiatry could be described as “something I do to keep my fear at bay”.

     A young person living in fear often will not be able to clearly state his or her feelings.  He or she simply knows that there is something that is bothering them on a regular basis that needs to be taken care of.  So they experiment.  They try things to make themselves feel better.  More secure.  Protected from danger.

     Once he or she finds what “works” for them, they use this behavior as a way to get free of their problem.  Notice the words “free” and “their problem”.  Yes, this is a very personal event for many young people.  It is their way of dealing with a problem that they have.  They know no other way of curtailing the situation.  So as long as the addiction works for them, they will continue the course of action.

     Fear comes in many shapes and forms.  This young woman’s fear came from growing up in what many would call a “normal family atmosphere”.  Only to some children, what is called normal by others is far from normal for her.

     As listeners, conversations have a way of awakening our senses.  When we listen to the conversations of others, we have been granted access into another person’s very personal view of a topic.  Be that view right or wrong, it is important to hear what the person has to say.  If we desire to lovingly help people, especially young people, then it is important that we listen to the “cry” of their heart.  Without judgment.  Without interruption.  Just listen.  Listening is the first step.

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