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Sugar is sweet and can look and taste delicious. But sugar is a killer and cancer feeds on it. Learn more in this week’s post.


When you think of sugar, most of us picture a sugar bowl for coffee or tea. We also envision a candy bar or piece of cake. Moving forward, I want you to start seeing carbohydrates and starches that break down into sugar in your body when you think of sugar.

Start seeing fruits, non- green vegetables like potatoes, squashes, pasta (even and especially the gluten-free varieties), breads, corn, wheat, rice, juice, cereal, beverages, sauces, condiments (bottled or those little packages at fast food restaurants), salad dressings and yogurts.  They all have sugar or carbohydrates.

I used to think yogurt, fruit and orange juice were good for me until I started reading product labels and seeing the high number of carbohydrates in a relatively tiny “serving size“.

I was shocked at how much sugar, carbohydrates and bad oil were in condiments, tasty salad dressings and even canned tomato sauce!

Please go back to my “Your Keto Journey“ blog post #5 on label reading, which can be found at my safe and secure website at:

If you are not in the habit yet, take the time to read the post – reading labels can be life-saving.

Dr. Colbert reminds us that sugar is more addictive than cocaine! Sugar makes us hungry, so we eat more. Sugar raises our insulin, which sets us up for more fat storage!

Hint: See shirts and tops that hang long on you in the front to cover your belly fat.  If you lose belly fat, you won't have to buy clothes to hide it anymore!

Did you know that sugar actually leads to irritability, feelings of depression and laziness?

Those of you who work out at the gym, pay special attention: sugar hinders/prevents you from burning fat as you work out!

This is no joke.

Sugar doesn’t do our bodies any good. Is cancer good? Of course not. Cancer feeds on sugar. If we programmed ourselves to see cancer cells gobbling up sugars, we would get serious real fast about label reading for carbohydrates on our food and drinks and start eliminating those foods that are high in carbohydrates (sugar).

Now for the Good and Bad of sweeteners.

Good for you sweeteners.

Dr. Colbert recommends “Stevia, Monk fruit, and sweet alcohols such as erythritol and xylitol.“


They are healthy and have low calorie and carbohydrate counts.  He warns us to “be careful not to use excessive amounts of xylitol since it can cause gastrointestinal disturbances.“

Bad for you sweeteners: artificial sweeteners.


Want more reasons?

Some of these fake sweeteners act like a pesticide in the body.  These bad chemicals are stored as toxins in the body and cannot be broken down. Start seeing a big red "X" when you look at or start to consider reaching for an artificial sweetener. Also, read your product labels. Why spend money on toxins to ingest?

So when sugar is calling to you with its addictive sweet voice and deceptive look and taste, remember that it is a killer that cancer feeds on.  Use what I have described today to be mindful of what sugar does to you and how you can combat it!

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