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You know the routine. Whether you are exercising or eating, there will always be a test. But the good news is that you can and will pass the test if you want to. Learn more in this week’s post.


Test scenario #1. It’s Saturday morning. The alarm has just rung. You reach over, out from beneath the toasty warm covers and shut off the alarm clock.

You can hear the pitter-patter of raindrops on the bedroom window. You don’t really feel like getting up and going out in the rain and driving to the health club. You don’t even want to stay home and put on the exercise video and work up a good sweat in the living room.

But you’ve discovered the immediate and lasting value of regular exercise. You enjoy being able to take a deep breath and slowly exhale. You like the solid feel of toned thighs and muscular arms. So you make the decision to push those covers back and rise and shine to a new day, knowing full well how good you will feel after the exercises are done. There’s nothing like a strong heartbeat and a good sweat to get you motivated for the day! Congratulations! You passed the lazy test. Good for you!

Test scenario #2. You are out to eat with some friends. Someone at the table chides you by saying, “Awe, come on. Have a dessert.“ Or “You can get off your diet for us, can’t you?“ Then comes this: “One dessert, one time isn’t going to kill you, is it?“

You are tempted to go for it… but then you ask yourself why? Why should I eat the very foods that have caused me to add weight, gain inches and have to try to cover up my belly fat?

So you gently respond with strong determination by saying, “No thank you. I really don’t want that dessert.“ Or you could say, “I know one dessert won’t kill me, but it won’t help me.“ Or even, “Thanks, but I am choosing not to eat that way anymore. “

You’ve come to realize that food, like medicine, has side effects. Some foods scream obesity and diabetes. Other foods cause inflammation in the body, leading to a host of chronic diseases.

When the desserts or other foods say sugar free, your antenna goes up because you immediately think artificial sweeteners. Common artificial sweeteners like aspartame, sucralose, saccharin and acesulfame potassium.

You learned from Dr. Don Colbert that even though artificial sweeteners get recommended for weight loss, the truth is that they cause an increase in appetite. Even though these artificial sweeteners don’t cause your blood sugar to rise, they do have a myriad of negative side effects that you don’t want to put up with!

Guess what? Your gentle answer and dogged determination just got stronger. Congratulations! You passed the temptation test!

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a test – no matter who you are or how much you weigh. There will always be well-meaning people who will try to convince you to do what they do. Good advertising companies will always find a way to make bad food look good. Your body will always scream for what it wants – even and especially if the food or thing is not good for you.

Don’t let the sugar monster or the carbohydrate gorilla tempt you. Say “No!” just like any good parent must answer the children they love from time to time. It sure beats chronic sickness and obesity.

Pause and consider.

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