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Your Keto Journey #36: Gratefulness

20181121 Your Keto Journey 36 Gratefulness

You might wonder what gratefulness has to do with a Keto diet.  Or you may feel as if you have nothing to be thankful for.  Let me share with you how to get a huge return on your Thanksgiving.  Learn more in today’s "Your Keto Journey"© post.

Every time I have thanked God out loud for the good things in my life, He has given me more to thank Him for.  It has happened every time without exception.  This works for me and it will work for you too!

Think about it.  Every time you thank a person out loud for the good thing that he or she has done, you get a response.  Responses come from people in many different ways.  A person might:

Say "Your’re welcome".


Open up communications with you

Feel better inside about him or herself

Become willing to do more good for people

If you are a parent, how do you feel when your child says “Thank You!” and genuinely means it?  Doesn’t a sincere thank you make you want to do even more for that child?

Alternatively, when you go out of your way to do something nice for a person and he or she doesn’t care one way or the other, how does that make you feel?  Does this unthankful response make you feel like going out of your way to do more for this person?

Our Keto eating works in the same way.  If you are grateful for the opportunity to lose excess belly fat, become healthier and reduce the risk of sickness and disease in your body, the Keto lifestyle is a good thing.

Alternatively, when all you do is moan and groan, whine and complain about how tough it is to eat healthy and create new eating habits, you may not receive all the benefits that Keto can offer.

What are some of those benefits you may wonder.

Increased home cooking.  Homemade meals are less expensive and many times healthier than eating out.

Cooking from home gives you the opportunity to spend quality time with loved ones as you cook (with children, spouse and friends).

Finding your Keto carb limit gives you specific insight and knowledge of where the line is – that will prevent excess weight and health issues in your body.

Once your body is burning fat instead of sugar for its fuel, you can notice some good changes:

No afternoon sugar crash

A reduction in appetite

Loss of excess pounds

Memory improvement and elimination of brain fog

I am grateful to Dr. Don Colbert, who has spent over 25 years of life to become board certified in Anti-Aging and Family Practice.

I am grateful to learn about actual patients who have improved and sometimes reversed issues that include arthritis, high blood pressure, cancer, fibromyalgia and more.

I am thankful for the information that Dr. Don has presented in his book, Dr. Colbert’s Keto Zone Diet.

I now know that there are only 2 essential fatty acids that our bodies need.

I appreciate knowing the fat group that these 2 essential fatty acids fall into.

I have learned that there is an “ideal ratio” between these 2 fatty acids.

I like having the explanation that an imbalance between these 2 fatty acids can cause 

Autoimmune disease,


Heart disease and

Inflammation in the body. 

This is good information to know.


Some of the benefits of those 2 essential fatty acids can include:

Healthy thyroid

Healthy immune system

Healthy metabolism

Healthy brain function

Skin and hair health

Did you know there are certain foods that actually stimulate your appetite?

These include:

Wheat and grains

Carbs and sugars

Excess proteins

I am grateful to be reminded of balance in my life.  Balance is the key to so many issues in your life!

Balance between green veggies, healthy proteins and healthy fats

Balance between essential fatty acids

Balance between sleep, exercise and work


Thought for the Day:

Cattle were created to eat grass, not the stuff that many are fed today.  What they eat, you end up getting in your body, too!  

“Why would you inspect your pet’s food for grains, bread, cereal, feathers and miscellaneous garbage – but not inspect your own food with the same care?” – Kat Heil

I love you Keto Family.  There are worthwhile resources at my website sourced and created for YOU!

Visit my website and check out the “Resources” page.  There you will find a link to “Dr. Colbert’s Keto Zone Diet” book.  I highly suggest you read it.  If nothing else, borrow the book from your local public library.  If they don’t have it, ask them to get a copy that you may borrow.

Share your experiences, good or bad, with your Keto family here at www.YourKetoJourney.com.  Scroll down and leave your comment.

Share this blog with someone you love and care about.  I’m here for you!

Good Day, Good Week and Good Health to you all!

See you next time!



© 2018 Kat Heil 2018 Kat Heil, LLC

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     Once he or she finds what “works” for them, they use this behavior as a way to get free of their problem.  Notice the words “free” and “their problem”.  Yes, this is a very personal event for many young people.  It is their way of dealing with a problem that they have.  They know no other way of curtailing the situation.  So as long as the addiction works for them, they will continue the course of action.

     Fear comes in many shapes and forms.  This young woman’s fear came from growing up in what many would call a “normal family atmosphere”.  Only to some children, what is called normal by others is far from normal for her.

     As listeners, conversations have a way of awakening our senses.  When we listen to the conversations of others, we have been granted access into another person’s very personal view of a topic.  Be that view right or wrong, it is important to hear what the person has to say.  If we desire to lovingly help people, especially young people, then it is important that we listen to the “cry” of their heart.  Without judgment.  Without interruption.  Just listen.  Listening is the first step.

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