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Your Keto Journey #5 – Label Reading

Good morning fellow Keto-ers.

I know you are busy.

Time is a precious commodity.

But I think I can justify what I’m about to ask you to do…

What I’m asking is that you start reading labels on the food you buy.


Remember that old saying, you are what you eat?  Well, it’s true!

I urge you to take the time to read labels before you make your purchases.  While it’s true that you will be investing more time at first, once you begin to see and understand which brands are right for you, the amount of time you need to spend reading label ingredients will be drastically reduced.

Why do I urge you to read labels?  Because obesity is spurred on through sugars, carbohydrates, starches and corn in most all its forms.  

Carbs, starches and corn break down into sugar in our bodies.

And that excessive sugar is making us fat, sick and killing us!

When you think of carbs, consider this: breads, fruits, potatoes, pasta, rice, yogurts, wheat, corn and things that come in a can like sauce, condiments including tomato paste and sauce.  Dairy products have a lot of sugars in them.

I was appalled at the levels of sugar in yogurts while I was label reading

Dr. Colbert quotes a fact on page 34 of “Dr. Colbert’s Keto Zone Diet” regarding a plate of white rice eaten regularly will increase your risk of diabetes by some 10 percent.

Sugar is a killer!

If you must sweeten, use Stevia or monk fruit. Stay away from artificial sweeteners.  You know, when it says on the front of the food label: No sugar added or zero sugar or low sugar? This is a red flag to read the nutritional label on the back of the product.

Also, just because a salad dressing or mayo says "made with Olive oil" on the front label, does not mean they only use Olive oil in the product.  By reading the nutritional label on the rear, I’ve seen that often there is also soybean oil, canola oil, sunflower oil, etc.  Some oils are often hydrolyzed.  Stay away from these products.  You will also see modified corn starch, corn protein, corn syrup, hydrolyzed soy, vegetable protein (corn, soy, wheat) corn syrup solids, modified food starch (corn).  You also want to stay away from these ingredients.

I also personally have chosen to stay away from yeast extract, “natural flavors” and MSG.  These are ways that producers identify monosodium glutamate, a flavor enhancer.  Since I began avoiding these three items I have felt much better.

Read your labels.  Get to know which products and brands to buy and which ones to avoid.  You may not think it is a big deal now if you are younger, but your body and your budget will thank you in the years to come as you stay healthy and trim.

Stop over at my website and check out the “Resource” page.  There you will find a link to “Dr. Colbert’s Keto Zone Diet” book.  I highly suggest you read it.  If nothing else, put in a request at your local library and ask them to get a copy that you may borrow.

Share your experiences, good or bad, with your Keto family here at YourKetoJourney.com.  Scroll down and leave your comment.

Share this blog with someone you love and care about.  I’m here for you!

Good Day, Good Week and Good Health to you all!

Kat Heil


© 2018 Kat Heil 2018 Kat Heil, LLC

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     As listeners, conversations have a way of awakening our senses.  When we listen to the conversations of others, we have been granted access into another person’s very personal view of a topic.  Be that view right or wrong, it is important to hear what the person has to say.  If we desire to lovingly help people, especially young people, then it is important that we listen to the “cry” of their heart.  Without judgment.  Without interruption.  Just listen.  Listening is the first step.

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