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At Kat Heil, our misson is to help and encourage you, our readers and viewers!  

  • Have a specific issue you are wondering about?  Check our Recipes For Life.  
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  • Wondering about your self image?  Am I Ugly or Cute can help.  

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Recipes for Life

What kinds of things do women do that make men CRAZY?  Think your words are just empty and have NO POWER?  How do I deal with that person that is just REALLY DIFFICULT to deal with?  My spouse wants to DIVORCE me, can I do anything?  When can MENOPAUSE start and what can be done to deal with it (or to help someone who is going through it?)  Learn about these topics and more in Kat’s Recipes for Life.

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Am I Ugly or Cute?!?!

Many young women struggle with self image.  Friends and social expectations often put pressure on them.  Thinking they have no choice, they choose to feel unwanted and UGLY!  Join Kat in this video series that explores why this happens and what you can do about it. Be encouraged and laugh along as Kat takes you on a journey of self discovery and healing.

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Kat Heil Fiction

In addition to our Recipes for Life series, we also have a fiction series for your enjoyment!  The current series is Adventures with Ray.  Find out what is happening at Ray’s, a local hangout in Timely, MN.  You will always meet interesting people there and be able to follow what is going on with the locals!  Join us for the latest.


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  • Senior Value Cover

    Kat's Recipes for Life Book 6:

    Senior Discount Value

    The sixth book in the series deals with self esteem.

    Too often seniors feel disregarded and insignificant.  No one feels good about having their comments and ideas are disregarded as not mattering much when significant decisions are being made around them.  It is even worse when your own family doesn’t ask you for your input when a party is being planned.  Have you ever found yourself in a room full of people but no one seems to consider you or pay any attention to you?  Do you know what it is like to be ignored?

    This is just the starting point of the way many Senior Citizens feel. 

    People like to be noticed, included and sought after.  No human being wants to feel “put out to pasture.”  People want to be needed, not ignored.  Most people aspire to be a part of something bigger than self.   It’s disrespectful to treat another human being as if he or she is of slight worth, no matter what their age or intelligence level.

    Senior Discount Value reminds Senior Citizens of their value, prompting each person to remember what he or she has learned in life and attained over the years, and the value of that experience.  This book helps the reader to not only experience the joy of feeling valued and needed, but also to look at how they can share what they know and experience aging in a new and different way.

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